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UK Business Visas for Entrepreneurs

Introduction ( top )

If you wish to enter the UK to start a business, you must work full time in that business. If you wish to invest in a business without hands on involvement, please the Investor's page.

You can also send someone else to the UK to run your business for you. Please see the Sole Representitive page.

Coming to the UK to invest or start your own business normally requires at least £200,000 capital for this investment [ unless you are from an EEA country ]. The more you intend to invest, the quicker your application may be processed.

If you would rather not bother with any of this, the HSMP page may be of interest to you.

Do I Qualify? ( back to top )

If you are not an EEA Country national, you will need to show that you have £200,000 to invest in a new UK business venture ; wrok only in that business ; have a controlling share of that business ; have enough money for you and any family with you to maintain yourselves until the business is profitable ; create at least 2 full time jobs for EEA national and provide a good business plan.

EEA Association Agreement Countries ( back to top )

If you are a national of Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Slovenia and you have a good business plan and sufficient money to support yourself until you make a profit, you do not need the £200,000 or to create 2 jobs. See our EEA page for details.

Can My Family Come Too? ( back to top )

Yes they can. Your spouse, partner and children can enjoy the same benefits as UK people including free education, free healthcare and the ability to work in the UK.

What About Extending My Visa? ( back to top )

After your initial 12 month visa period, you can apply for an extension of up to 3 years as long as you and your family have been able to support yourselves through the business ; you are 100% active in your business and your business is still fully functional as per your original business plan.

When this further 3 year period is completed you may apply for Permanent Residence in the UK and, 1 year after that, naturalisation.

Your business plan is very important and should show evidence of the money you will invest in the business ; what the business will be doing ; ownership and accounting information ; financial projections ; your qualifications and work experience.

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