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UK Business Visas for Innovators

This is another scheme aimed predominantly at IT and Telecoms sectors but available to a wider industry base. Your business idea needs to promise economic benefit to the UK.

Introduction ( top )

This is for entrepreneurs that don't have the money required under the entrepreneur entry scheme. Apart from from the innovative nature of your idea, your business ability and experience to carry it out and its economic benefits to the UK, you need to be able to create jobs, have funding either agreed or in place and have at least a 5% stake.

If this is not for you, have a look at the Entrepreneurs page, the EU Association Agreement page and the Business page.

Do I Qualify? ( top )

Similar to the UK HSMP Visa, this is a points based application designed to allow you to prove your ideas and business plan in a targeted way.

Generally though, you must achieve:

My Business Plan ( top )

The viability of your business plan is vital to your application.

Your business plan will need to show your detailed proposal ; jobs to be created ; levels of technology and innovation ; the management structure ; funding and accounting data ; marketing plan ; the legal entity of the company. The plan must cover at least 18 months forecasts.

What Supporting Evidence is Required? ( top )

You will need to show that you have enough money for you and your family by way of financial references ; that you have researched the market and can show that research and any other R+D ; a commercial reference ; any relevant technical specification documents and references ; any communication with prospective customers or other relevant parties ; a report from a person or organisation with authority detailing the viability of your plans.

My Curriculum Vitae / Resume ( top )

Your CV should be to the point and brief showing your employment history ; achievements and experience in your chosen market area ; your education at all levels ; and innovative or entrepreneurial memberships and experience.

Can My Family Come Too? ( top )

Yes they can. Your spouse, partner and children can enjoy the same benefits as UK people including free education, free healthcare and the ability to work in the UK.

What Happens When I Need to Renew My Visa? ( top )

After your initial 18 month visa period, you can apply for an extension of up to 4 years as long as you and your family have been able to support yourselves through the business ; you are 100% active in your business, you hold a minimum 5% stake, you have created the required new jobs and your business is still fully functional as per your original business plan.

When this further period is completed you may apply for Permanent Residence in the UK and, 1 year after that, naturalisation.

How Do I Apply? ( top )

The forms required are different depending on whether you are already here in the UK or outside the UK and will be submitted either here or in your own country.

It is vital that you provide all the supporting evidence for a successful application. If you do not, you are less likely to succeed.

You are advised not to proceed with an application if you are unsure whether you qualify or not.

Your business plan is very important and should show evidence of the money you will invest in the business ; what the business will be doing ; ownership and accounting information ; financial projections ; your qualifications and work experience.

We can provide you with the advice that you need and provide assistance in all areas.

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