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UK Business Visas for Investors

Introduction ( top )

This page is designed for those with money to invest in the UK to do so. It is not for those who wish to start their own business [ see entrepreneurs, innovators, EEA or freelance pages ]. If you wish someone else to come to the UK to run your business for you, click here.

Please also get in touch with us if you simply want to come and stay or live in the UK and do not intend to do anything particular. You will need to show a good deal of available funds to you but, as you might imagine, you will be very welcome.

Do I Qualify? ( top )

With the right funds to your name, the UK will be very welcoming. You will need at least £1 million to your name or under your control and you must invest at least £750,000 of that in the UK oin private companies or unit trusts. The only areas where investment is not permitted are off shore companies, property investment companies and banks.

You need to make the UK you main place of residence at leasy half of your time, must not take employment here and your remaining £250,000 can be disposed of as you see fit.

Can My Family Come Too? ( top )

Yes they can. Your spouse, partner and children can enjoy the same benefits as UK people including free education, free healthcare and the ability to work in the UK.

What About Extending My Visa?( top )

After your initial 12 month visa period, you can apply for an extension of up to 3 years as long as the above funds were tranfered to the UK within 3 months of your arrival here and you maintain your UK portfolio value of at least £1 million.

When this further 3 year period is completed you may apply for Permanent Residence in the UK and, 1 year after that, naturalisation.

How Do I Apply? ( top )

Forms and paperwork required are different depending on whether you are already here in the UK or outside the UK and will be submitted either here or in your own country.

Your business plan is very important and should show evidence of the money you will invest in the business ; what the business will be doing ; ownership and accounting information ; financial projections ; your qualifications and work experience.

We can assist you in all aspects of your application.

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