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UK Work Permit Information for Employees

There are many ways by which you can live and work in the UK. Not all of them need you to have a job offer before getting a UK Work Permit or Visa. You are a valuable commodity and rules are changing all the time to help your move. Your dependent family and spouse are of course also most welcome and can enjoy the same benefits as you in the UK.

A UK Work Permit in the UK is usually obtained by a company sponsoring an employee. Global-Emigration can assist with this Work Permit process if you already have a UK employer that is prepared to make you a job offer. You should only contact us about gaining a UK Work Permit if you have a confirmed offer of employment from a UK employer.

With an Employer sponsored UK Work Permit, which after all allows the longest time in the UK (up to 5 years) once you have successfully found work, your new employer must apply for your work permit (and not you as the individual). Although the employer must do this, the work permit actually belongs to you, not your employer, but the work permit is specific to you working only for that employer.

If you want to change jobs, a new work permit must be obtained. This transfer process is much easier than your first application as long as your new employer can qualify and especially if the work permit is for a similar job. The sponsoring process is also much easier if your skills or occupation are on the official skills shortage list.

You are wise at this stage to advise your new employer that we can ensure your UK work permit is obtained quickly and correctly. It may be that a better option exists such as some of the above options. There is no point risking failure at application. Let us handle the work permit application process for you both.

Alternative Visas for Working in the UK

Sometimes employers prefer not to sponsor Work Permits, as they feel there is a certain 'unknown quantity' about the process. This unfortunately creates a catch 22 situation for prospective employees that wish to obtain a UK Working Visa.

HSMP Visa - The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme ( UK HSMP Visa ) was created whereby you can come to the UK to LOOK FOR work rather than having to find it first without being here. You will need to be highly skilled and should assess yourself to see if you have the minimum 65 points required ( with all associated supporting evidence ) to qualify for the HSMP visa. You are not tied to a single sponsoring employer and can also work for yourself as self employed.

UK Working Holiday Visa

If you are a national of a country belonging to to the British Commonwealth, the Working HolidayMaker Scheme may allow you up to 2 years to live and work in the UK. You are not tied to a single sponsoring employer and can also work for yourself as self employed. The Working Hoiday Visa does not count towards UK Residency, whereas the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (UK HSMP Visa and Employer Sponsored UK Work Permit do count towards UK Residency.

Further Options for Working in the UK

You will also be aware of several Eastern European countries now becoming part of the EU.

This means that work permits per se are not required but Worker Registration Applications for nationals of these new countries is required.

It is also possible that you could take advantage of the IGS (The International Graduates Scheme).

The scheme allows non-EEA nationals who have graduated from UK higher or further education establishments to remain in the UK for 12 months after their studies in order to pursue a career.

This could save you a fair amount of time. It needs to be evaluated and applied for very carefully considering tight guidelines.

You may also be able to apply under the Sectors Based Scheme whereby workers from Bulgaria and Romania can enter the United Kingdom to take short-term or casual jobs.

The EEA Association Agreement exists for Eastern European nationals to come to the UK to start a business without needing to invest large sums of money. If you are from any of the EEA countries and you can combine technical and business experience in a wish to start a business in the UK, the EEA and freelance pages will help.

These are major steps forward in allowing you, the talent, to come to the UK and make your career happen.
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