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UK HSMP Visa Highly Skilled Migrant Program


On 30 June 2008 HSMP was replaced throughout the world by the Tier 1 General HSMP Visa (part of the UK Points Based System). The below information is provided purely for historical purposes.

The UK HSMP Visa (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) is one of the most popular methods of immigration to the UK for Highly Skilled Migrant Workers, allowing you to live and work in the UK without an employer needing to sponsor your visa.

IMPORTANT: New Points Based Immigration System

The first stage of the UK Points Based system of immigration started in the UK on 29 February 2008 with the introduction of the Tier 1 General Highly Skilled Visa. Tier 1 will replace HSMP in India in April 2008 and some time in the summer for the rest of the world. If you qualify for HSMP then you should apply as quickly as possible, as Tier 1 in your country is likely to involved the British Embassy or High Commission, where delays and mistakes are to be expected. Take the first step by requesting a free HSMP assessment.

If you are in the UK and able to switch in-country or you currently have HSMP status and you require an extension then you will need to apply for a Tier 1 General Highly Skilled Visa. You can assess yourself using our Tier 1 Points Calculator.

It is further worth noting that, as of April 2006, HSMP applications are being approved for an initial period of 2 years.

What Are The Advantages of HSMP?

Important Information about HSMP

As of April 1st 2007, the Work Permits (UK) Application Fee has been increased to 400 GBP

On 7 November 2006, Work Permits (UK) HSMP criteria were significantly changed:

How Do I Qualify for HSMP?

The UK HSMP Visa is a points based system, revised on 7 November 2006. There are a number of areas where you can score and you must get a minimum of 75 points and evidence your English language ability to be considered.

Applications are made up of 2 equally important parts:

Our HSMP Services Will Help You Achieve Success

We have designed a UK HSMP Visa Points Calculator which will ask a few basic questions and let you know how many points you might score.

If you would like a free assessment for the HSMP Visa by one of our UK Immigration Specialists then simply upload your CV during this process.

We will let you know if you qualify for the Highly Skilled Migrant Program and can help you make a successful application by providing our advice and guidance in getting the right evidence and then representing your application directly to Work Permits (UK).

The pass mark is 75 points. HSMP applications will not be progressed if 55 points cannot be achieved. This also applies to HSMP Extension applications.

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